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Alcohol not for sale to persons under the age of 18

The home of fine Mead and honey beer

Cape Mead was started back in 2011, the process of making Mead good enough to sell has taken years and many hours of experimenting and tasting the results, to get to where we are today. We are situated in the heart of the beautiful Garden Route town of George.

We have a wide range of products all made in some way by utilising honey, the most well known of these products is Mead, which is made by the fermentation of honey by adding water and wine yeast. Different types of yeast and different types of honey, cause the mead to have many different flavours, and finding the right combination takes time and patience, but the reward is well worth the wait. Mead made in this way is called Traditional mead, by adding more or less honey in the beginning determines whether it will end up being a sweet, semi-sweet or dry mead. Many people think that because we use honey, all mead made from it will automatically be sweet, this of course is not so, dry meads are just as delicious as the very sweet dessert types.

Mead that has had spices or extracts thereof added, is called Metheglyn, Hippocras is mead that has had herbs or herb extracts added. Melomel is made by the addition of fruit, fruit pulp or pure fruit juice and has a a very distinctive taste. This is the joy of making mead, that there are so many ways to create delicious beverages, that would be enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

Honey beer is similarly made, the exception being that beer yeast and hops are used. The taste of the beer depends on what type of hops are used and the honey used is generally fairly dark and of a bitter taste, which lends itself to the taste of the final product.


Enjoy this journey with us, as we explore new ideas and techniques, and introduce new flavours, that will excite and thrill the adventurous!

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